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Portugal's Luxury Residential Tourism Market on the High

The average price of luxury developments in Portugal continues to increase with the highest values in the Algarve. This is one of the main conclusions of the study "Portugal-The Luxury Residential Tourism Market 2008". In the segment of residential luxury tourism the average price growth was of 18% in the apartments and about 19% in the Villas. In Condominiums with an integrated infrastructure management the average price increase was of 21% in the apartments and around 12,5% in the Villas. The luxury segment is pointed as a market niche, little explored and more stimulated in the last 3/4 years, being less vulnerable than the remaining real estate market.

This study was elaborated by IRG and Prime Yield and considered the analysis of 10 residential developments, 13 condominium developments and 4,200 individual units, during the year of 2007.

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Luxury Destinations disse...

Luxury travel seems to be going from strength to strength: the Americans may be staying home but the Australians and Europe as well of course the Middle East have lots of cash to spend on luxury travel. Portugal is one of my favourite countries in Europe - a luxury condo on the Algrave would be delightful!

Casas do Barlavento disse...

Thanks for the kind remark.

Indeed we can still found some wonderful properties in the Algarve.

alina mark disse...

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