segunda-feira, 29 de setembro de 2008

Algarve, Monchique - Longevity Wellness Resort

Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique is a new development spanning nine acres and offering superior four-star hotel amenities and services in a setting that includes gardens, walking trails and meditation areas. Nestled in the green hills of Monchique, a preserved natural reserve, with a gorgeous costal view, this is a luxurious Eco-friendly resort, with a unique Wellness approach and a truly outstanding investment opportunity.
Within the most beautiful sea and mountain range enclosures, you are sure to find the ideal setting to enjoy moments of unique and revitalizing pleasure.

A four-star plus resort made up by different apartment blocks no taller than three-storey, several infrastructure areas and a unique area covering 20,000 square meters of panoramic gardens and walking trails

Specification: All apartments are finished to the highest of standards, with heating, air-conditioning, double glazing, Cable TV, wireless internet connections.

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