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Luxury Villa opportunity

Luxury Villa opportunity

Whether you want to purchase your own 5* luxury villa with all the refinements for a good price or purchase the property of your dreams for very little money please read on and see what we have to offer you on our exclusive “cash back scheme” with no risk. Yes “NO RISK

Located in the Western Algarve is this luxury 4 bed villa with awesome views of the Golf Course, Ocean, countryside & mountains. You can be the enviable owner of this villa with the minimal deposit and the knowledge of a cash back sum on completion of € 200,000 Euros or use the money to cover your mortgage for the next 18 months or even spend it on whatever you want too at no risk at all.

Yes I hear you say “don’t be daft, how can I get the villa of my dreams for little money” well you can and I am here to explain to you how you can do this and still in 4-5 years time be in a position to sell the property on if you require at a huge profit or if you are loving the experience and just want to carry on living the life style that it has given you then that is up to you.

The valuation on this villa has just been carried out by one of the leading banks in Europe (SantanderTotta) which was carried out on the 10th December 2008. Valuation on the property has been made at € 2.500.000 Euros and they are willing to offer a 75% LTV (Loan to Value). The owner due to relocating to another villa nearby is offering a 25% discount from the valuation on this fantastic property in the Western Algarve. As you can see that discount of 25% ensures now a 100% mortgage is available if required.

We at “Casas do Barlavento” have devised a scheme that will enable you the potential buyers to purchase with less than a 10% deposit and will have no mortgage to pay for 18 months or simply receive an amount of € 200,000 Euros on completion of the sale and use this amount of money for your own leisure.

For full details on this property just follow this link

To require further information on this package contact me on or call the office on +351 282 780 870 or call me on my mobile +351 91 888 8186.

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Anónimo disse...

I always dreams of my bedroom with a comfortable queen size bed and a large window that faces out to the mountain. Hills and the natural forests with its trees and birds and animals, rivers and water bodies those will add colors to its picturesque landscape. The place will be calm and quite but with modern facilities.

It was my dream but I am really lucky that I have found my dream place. Please look at the place. I am sure you will like it. If you are looking for renting a property in Ontario then don’t miss the dream place.

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adrin disse...

This is the great proposal.

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Real estate in Pakistan disse...


I think this is great opportunity to buy a luxury home.

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Mika disse...

Fascinating! I wish I could have that soon..

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George disse...

Is this the right time to buy a luxury home? maybe no.

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house and lot for sale in bulacan disse...

Wow! This can be my dream property. How I love it and hope to have this kind of property someday. thank you for sharing.


kousalya disse...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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real estate ph disse...

Beautiful! A dream property for all! Wish I am rich so that I can buy this. :)

Arrielle P

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