quarta-feira, 12 de março de 2008

Surfing in Algarve

The west coast of the Algarve has established itself as one of The Surfing destinations of Europe. The Algarve’s year round sun and mild winters attract surfers throughout the year. The west coast is less touristic and offers budget accommodation and cheap food – in others words, a surfer’s paradise.

The Algarve encompasses the extreme south western tip of the European continent and boast 100 miles of coastline with some of the most dramatic surf beaches to be found in Europe. On the west coast most of the beaches fall within the protection of the Costa Vincente national park so are still rugged and wild with no construction or buildings for miles and miles. Just the occasional beach bar to provide the essential nourishment and odd beer !

There are plenty of schools, catering for absolute beginners, children and body-boarders up to specialized courses for honing those skills.

Remember guys- surfing is not just for you !!!

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