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Book your holidays with time

Finally the sunny weather seams to have arrived to Algarve and will stay for a long time.

So now is the ideal time to start your outdoors activities, like walking, surf, horse riding, golf, and many others that you can find in the Algarve blue coast.

Remember to book your holidays in advanced since we like to have your dream property available for you.

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domingo, 1 de março de 2009

Opportunity to buy your DREAM property in the Algarve with ZERO DEPOSIT

Would you like to buy your dream property in the Algarve with ZERO DEPOSIT?

If the answer is YES - Contact us NOW to find how we can make this dream come true…

domingo, 22 de fevereiro de 2009

Carnival in Lagos and Portimão

This carnival season in the Algarve is full of color and various parades and dances.

Headquarters of the Club Luzense
7, 14, 21, 23 22:00
Org: Clube Desportivo Luzense
Support: City of Lakes

Festivals of Sport Hall of Lagos and Benfica
14, 21, 23 and 24 22:00
Org: Sport Lakes and Benfica
Support: City of Lakes

Headquarters of the Club Artistic Lacobrigense
14, 21, 22, 23, 24 21:30
Org.: Artistic Club Lacobrigense
Support: City of Lakes

Headquarters of the Sports Club of Odiáxere
14, 21, 24 21:00
Org: Clube Desportivo de Odiáxere
Support: City of Lakes
Building the Chinicato Multifunction
Day 22 17:00
23 and 24 21:00
Org: Group of Friends of Chinicato
Support: City of Lakes

CARNIVAL parade of
Desfile de Carnaval / kindergartens and schools of the Municipality
Day 20 10.00 and 12.00
Locations: Oriental Market - Largo Portas de Portugal - Oriental Market
Org: City Hall and Lakes
Parade of Chinicato
Day 22 15:00
Location: Org: Group of Friends of Chinicato
Parade of Odiáxere
Day 24 15:00
Org: Clube Desportivo de Odiáxere
Support: City of Lakes

Burial of Shrovetide
Building the Chinicato Multifunction
Day 24 24:00
Org: Group of Friends of Chinicato
Support: City of Lakes

Lounge of the Club "The ABC Espichenses"
Day 24 17:30
Org: Club "The ABC Espichenses"
Support: City of Lakes

"Experiences noisy and filthy"
20 and 21
Org: City of Lakes / Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos

Sporting Portimonense Death or Glory
Days 22, 23, 24 21:00

Society Winner Portimonense
Days 22, 23, 24 21:00
Union Club Portimonense
21, 23, 24 21:00
Good Hope Portimonense Athletic Club
21, 22, 23, 24 22:00
Brazilian show between 00h00-00h30
Streets of Portimão
Dia24 Concentration: Zone Ribeirinha 15:00
Activities for children in the Youth Park
Days 22, 23 and 24 14h30-18h00
Carnival of the site So fresh
Day 23 from 17.00
Location: Mercado Municipal de Portimão

Community Center of Alvor
21, 23, 24 21:00
Day 24 - Parade of Carnival through the streets of the town of Alvor - 14.30

Mexilhoeira Grande and Figueira

Education and Recreation Club Mexilhoeirense
Day 21 20:00
Day 24 18:00
Ruada Figueira and MexilhoeiraGrande
Dia22 14:00
Followed by Ball

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domingo, 1 de fevereiro de 2009

Luxury Villa opportunity

Luxury Villa opportunity

Whether you want to purchase your own 5* luxury villa with all the refinements for a good price or purchase the property of your dreams for very little money please read on and see what we have to offer you on our exclusive “cash back scheme” with no risk. Yes “NO RISK

Located in the Western Algarve is this luxury 4 bed villa with awesome views of the Golf Course, Ocean, countryside & mountains. You can be the enviable owner of this villa with the minimal deposit and the knowledge of a cash back sum on completion of € 200,000 Euros or use the money to cover your mortgage for the next 18 months or even spend it on whatever you want too at no risk at all.

Yes I hear you say “don’t be daft, how can I get the villa of my dreams for little money” well you can and I am here to explain to you how you can do this and still in 4-5 years time be in a position to sell the property on if you require at a huge profit or if you are loving the experience and just want to carry on living the life style that it has given you then that is up to you.

The valuation on this villa has just been carried out by one of the leading banks in Europe (SantanderTotta) which was carried out on the 10th December 2008. Valuation on the property has been made at € 2.500.000 Euros and they are willing to offer a 75% LTV (Loan to Value). The owner due to relocating to another villa nearby is offering a 25% discount from the valuation on this fantastic property in the Western Algarve. As you can see that discount of 25% ensures now a 100% mortgage is available if required.

We at “Casas do Barlavento” have devised a scheme that will enable you the potential buyers to purchase with less than a 10% deposit and will have no mortgage to pay for 18 months or simply receive an amount of € 200,000 Euros on completion of the sale and use this amount of money for your own leisure.

For full details on this property just follow this link

To require further information on this package contact me on or call the office on +351 282 780 870 or call me on my mobile +351 91 888 8186.

domingo, 11 de janeiro de 2009

Extreme weather in Portugal

In an almost unique event, Portugal has been covered with snow from North to South and even Algarve didn’t escape.

Roads, services and many towns had their business and public services closed due to this unusual weather. Some towns had to take emergency measurements regarding the old and unprotected people.

The extreme cold so common to the North of Europe is quite unusual to these parts and once again makes us remind of the Climate changes caused by the Global Warming.

domingo, 14 de dezembro de 2008

Christmas in Portimão, at Algarve

As part of Christmas celebrations, Portimão will have a series of Christmas concerts, where you can see Concerts of Norte Orchestra, Banda Filarmónia Portimonense and Adágio Coral.

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domingo, 9 de novembro de 2008

Portugal Formula 1 racing facility

Portimão, on Portugal's Algarve coast, finally inaugurated the Formula 1 spec racing facility.

With already a SuperBike Champion Race as a premiere, this sport complex is proving its worth.

Together with the racing tracks, the complex offers hotels and sports installations to sport the teams of the sporting events.

The building of the site was thought to be isolated in order to not disturb any neighbors towns, but also close to two tourist towns of the Algarve, Portimão and Lagos.

The environment was also considered and sun power with reuse of water to the gardens is two of the innovations.

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segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2008

Propety in Portugal: From Costa to Costa

Property in Portugal: From Costa to Costa

We love the whitewashed villages, beautiful beaches, even the coffee and cakes - and the property prices aren't bad either. Cheryl Markosky surveys the market

The British love all things Portuguese, from Jose Mourinho (the self-styled "Special One") to pasteis de nata (creamy custard tart) washed down with a cup of bica (espresso).

So popular with British holidaymakers and retirees: Albufeira on the Algrave

Our love affair stretches back to 1386 when the Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of Windsor was signed, making Portugal Britain's oldest ally. But now, instead of maritime treaties, we are more interested in maritime resorts, where second-homers can enjoy faultless beaches and year-round sunshine.

The housing boom that swept through most of Europe from 1995 to 2006 missed Portugal - a blessing and a curse for the country. From 2001 to 2006, while average property prices soared by 100 per cent in Spain, Portuguese prices rose a paltry 17 per cent.

Last year, the average price per square metre dipped from £1,000 in June 2006 to £981 in January 2008, according to the Instituto Nacional de Estatistica.

Prices on the Algarve, the extreme southern coastal holiday strip with its sympathetic micro-climate that is so popular with British holidaymakers and retirees, have in recent years risen faster than the rest of Portugal. But in 2007 they increased by only 0.13 per cent, after a 6 per cent price increase in 2006.

There won't be the same level of business this year due to the credit crunch and the strength of the euro, says Mary Mangan, of Winkworth. But she believes the Portuguese market will hold: "With stringent planning in place for some time, we are not oversupplied like other markets and Portuguese banks do not have the same exposure to sub-prime markets."

Mangan tips Tavira, a gorgeous town on the eastern Algarve close to the Spainish border with views over the broad Gilao river as the next hotspot.

A two-bedroom apartment on a quality complex in Tavira starts at a reasonable £136,460. The new high-end scheme Monte Rei is lifting the area, attracting those keen to escape from the busier central Algarve.

The western Silver Coast (Costa de Prata), described as "the real Portugal", is still undervalued, too, Mangan suggests. "You can pick up a good three-bedroom villa for about £240,000."

Another place to watch is Troiaresort, a landmark new low-density, environment-friendly 21st-century resort less than an hour from Lisbon on the Blue Coast (Costa Azul), the latest colour-coded costa on the block.

The Blue Coast is opening up thanks to Troiaresort's new marina and the £1million overhaul of the existing Robert Trent golf course, along with improved roads and Lisbon's new airport, ready to begin construction in 2010.

Even time-honoured vacation settings like Carvoeiro and Albufeira, on the Algarve, are going "retro" and becoming fashionable again.

"Carvoeiro is an established central location with good beaches and good value from £201,000 for an apartment," points out Mangan. And parts of brash Albufeira, like Sao Raphael, are turning into high-quality areas. Here, a four-bedroom villa with a pool costs £963,000.

Central Algarve

Banker Adrian Arnold, from Leeds, has followed many of his compatriots to the conveniently placed, Florida-esque central Algarve, with the purchase of a quarter-share of a three-bedroom villa at Irish developer Oceânico's Amendoeira Golf Resort, just outside the hillside Moorish town of Silves.

"I was looking for a holiday home, but found it hard to justify the cost versus use," says Arnold, 34, explaining why he has chosen a £221,224 quarter-share of a home he can use three months of the year with his wife Helen, also 34, and their children Max, five, and Holly, three.

The Arnolds will own a "part-time" larger three-bedroom villa for the same money as a two-bedroom apartment. The location, only 20 minutes from Faro airport and two-and-a-half hours from Leeds, was another factor, along with Oceânico's facilities, which offer access to seven golf courses, including the latest Nick Faldo design at Amendoeira that is receiving rave reviews.

Oceânico's marketing manager Nikki Chamberlain says British buyers can get round the mismatch between the euro and pound. "We have introduced a fixed sterling price list with £1 equal to €1.35. This will remain in place until the euro market rate is more favourable to British purchasers."

Experts suggesting the way to combat the current uneasy market via a "flight to quality" might recommend taking wing to The Keys, an upper-scale scheme on the last plot of land at Quinta do Lago, a golf complex built in the early 1970s and owned by Irish telecoms entrepreneur Denis O'Brien. Hollywood-inspired homes developed by E3 Property do not come cheap, priced from £1.286million, but a good payment plan might be better than slashing prices. "You put 20 per cent down at The Keys and pay the balance on completion," says Julian Cunningham, of Knight Frank International.

Each home will have two pools - one in the garden and a second on the rooftop - technology to boost security and conserve energy, and access to Quinta do Lago's two golf courses (and a third on its way), sommelier and cellar consultation, maid and butler services.

At the other end of the scale, Vilamoura, a modern, purpose-built resort, will always attract buyers keen on easy access to five golf courses, the biggest marina in Portugal, beaches, a casino and tennis. A two-bedroom resale house through Algarve Property World costs £277,000, while a two-bedroom apartment at new scheme The Residences (through agent Richard Neubersch) will set you back about £40,000 more.

Buying on a resort is a good way to ease your way in, says Mary Mangan. "You don't have to worry about maintenance and when you have lived there for a while, you can step out into the unknown."

Mangan's first purchase was at Vale do Lobo, the original 45-year-old Algarve resort, only 20 minutes from Faro airport. To date, 1,500 homes have been built next to a two-kilometre stretch of beach and two championship golf courses. Another 500 homes, ranging from apartments and linked villas (a version of semi-detached) to custom-built villas, are planned.

Another one to watch is the fishing village of Ferragudo, with its cobbled streets, 17th-century fort and coved beaches, just 35 minutes from Faro. An autodrome opens in November, with go-karting, motorbike and car racing - which could be noisy, but will attract visitors.

Property consultant Andy Burridge says Ferragudo is mainly a Portugese market, so foreigners buying here could get a good deal. "A three-bedroom cottage costs £140,000, and you should be able to pick up a three-bedroom townhouse with pool for £317,000 maximum," he says.

Winkworth International is selling 40 two- and three-bedroom flats at Vila Castelo Parque at Ferragudo. A three-bedroom apartment by the sea with private Jacuzzi costs £440,200.

Resale homes can make sense for those not insistent on a shiny new property. Often, spending a few thousand pounds on a refurb is better value. Golden Tree Real Estate is selling a three-bedroom apartment with plunge pool opposite the tennis centre for £521,508.

Also check out the town of Loulé, with its ruins of a 12th-century castle and a poets' cafe. "A renovated one-bedroom house costs £95,000 and a three-bedroom flat £159,000, ideal for couples and families coming out here to live and work," says Fiona Lang, of Richard Neubersch.

# Contact Winkworth International 00 351 916 128 624; Oceânico 0871 990 3388; E3 Property's The Keys, Knight Frank International 020 7861 1097; Algarve Property World 00 351 289 585 776; Richard Neubersch 00 351 289 390350; Vale do Lobo 00 351 289 353 102; Golden Tree Real Estate 00 351 289 392 123

Western Algarve

Groups of guys on bargain golfing holidays in the central Algarve might not be everyone's glass of vinho verde, which is why more people are pushing out to the wild and windy western coastline, which is reminiscent of the uplands of Exmoor - but with sunshine.

Estate agents insist the Madeleine McCann kidnapping in the former fishing village of Praia da Luz and the drowning of three British holidaymakers caught in cross-currents on Praia do Tonel beach last year have not affected trade. "Obviously, people comment that this is the area where it happened, but once people come here and see how family-oriented it is they know it is a safe place," says Liz Hollen, of Winkworth International in Lagos.

Agent Luis Ledo, of Casas do Barlavento, says values are standing still here while people wait for positive signs in the market. "It is a good time to buy if you have cash, because you can negotiate 5-10 per cent off the price."

Ledo recommends several good deals, including three remaining apartments at Foz da Ria. "You pay a 20 per cent deposit with a promissory contract, have immediate access to the property and don't need to complete until a year after signing. Rents are guaranteed at 3.5 per cent for the first two years and there are no condominium (maintenance) fees, utility bills or rates to pay for the first year."

Retired England footballer Tony Dorigo points out that the western Algarve is good value, with the 170 villas and townhouses he is marketing at Vale da Lapa Parque, near Carvoeiro, starting from £372,000. Look out for extras, he suggests: "We have a tie-up with the tennis club and Pestana Golf."

Buying a resale home on a resort could make sense, too. You get what you see -no nasty off-plan surprises - and you can move in right away.

"Most people don't want to wait two years before their home is built," says Dave Westmorland of Resort Resales Algarve. "The better properties generally are resales, because a resort starts with facilities near the centre and works its way out in a spiral."

Developers push up prices in each phase, too, so there is a definite price advantage in resale property. "You get a return on your investment immediately if you want to let it out," Westmorland adds.

# Contact Casas do Barlavento 00 351 282 780 870; Vale da Lapa Parque through Global Referral Systems 0870 2113033; Resort Resales Algarve 00 351 282 771133

Eastern Algarve

There many places trying to lay claim to the moniker "traditional Portugal", but Tavira is one of the most typical Portuguese cities with origins dating back to about 2000BC. Near the Ria Formosa National Park, a sanctuary for birds and wildlife in a very rural and under-developed part of the country, a new two-bedroom apartment in the city itself costs just over £100,000, while a renovated two-storey, four-bedroom mill-house with pool, 10 minutes from Barril beach costs £740,000 through Villas Luz.

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club is leading the way in this quiet, green region near the Spanish border, with its Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, El Bulli-trained Jaime Perez's Vistas restaurant and high-end homes from £714,000.

There is a good deal of choice of styles, says commercial director Mario Condeco. "You can buy a turnkey house or build your own using your architect or ours.

"Another plus is Nicklaus is investing his own money in 30 plots for the first time on a development where he has designed a course," adds Condeco.

# Contact Villas Luz 00 351 919 054 792; Monte Rei through Knight Frank International 020 7629 8171

Silver Coast

With its unspoilt Atlantic coastline, surfing and golf, the Silver Coast - home to Lisbonite weekenders - is becoming the new Algarve.

Hamptons International is marketing 80 eco villas with wind turbines, solar panels and infinity pools at Peralta Beach Club & Spa, with prices from £800,000 - less than half the cost of equivalent homes on the Algarve.

"Some of the golf complexes can be a bit soulless, but Vasco Vieira, who was the chief architect at Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura, is creating high-quality homes," says Philip Mason, of Hamptons International.

The 230-hectare resort Praia D'El Rey, with 18-hole golf course, five-star Marriott hotel, spa, health club and tennis centre, offers three-bedroom apartments from £208,000, three- and four-bedroom homes overlooking the fifth fairway from £418,000, and a four-bedroom designer villa for up to £756,000.

# Contact Hamptons International 020 7758 8447; Praia D'El Rey Golf & Beach Resort 0800 977 7001

Blue Coast

Troiaresort on the Blue Coast, a half-hour south of Lisbon and the river Tagus, is tipped to draw in purchasers who want some Roman history dished up alongside golf, tennis, riding and boating.

"Owners are able to visit Roman ruins and learn about the local history, which is being preserved so it can be enjoyed by many generations to come," says Charles Roberts, of IRG Portugal, the company marketing Troiaresort.

Prices are as attractive as chronicling the past, with a studio on the beach at Troiaresort starting at £206,245 and one-bedroom marina apartment from £230,080. Off resort, an old unconverted terrace in a village costs as little as £35,000 and a farmhouse with a pool £264,000.

# Contact Troiaresort through IRG Portugal, affiliate of Christie's Great Estates 00 351 21 464 3322

They did it their way

Peter and Doreen Norman from Devon bought a plot in 2005 through Casas do Barlavento, at Vale de Telha, near Aljezur on the west coast. They paid £84,000 for the land and spent £224,000 on building a four-bedroom villa with pool. Agent Luis Ledo estimates that the villa would now be worth more than £320,000.

"It was difficult getting everything approved by the council, which is good in a way," says Peter, a 60-year-old retired customs officer. "Aljezur has halted construction projects, due to limited infrastructure. You need to cope with a good deal of bureaucracy."

# Contact Casas do Barlavento 00 351 282 780 870

The ins and outs of buying and getting there

• Total living area is stated in square metres (metros quadrados) and number of bedrooms (quartos).

• Beware of "black money" -under-declaring prices to cut down notary fees and taxes. It is a dodgy business and there might be capital gains implications when you sell on.

• Hire an independent English-speaking lawyer.

• Property transfer tax (IMT) replaced SISA tax in 2004. For a second home, you pay 1 per cent of the value for a home up to £70,554, 2 per cent up to £96,518, and 6 per cent over £420,665.

• Stamp Duty is 0.8 per cent.

• Legal fees are 1-1.5 per cent of the purchase price.

• IVA (or VAT) is 21 per cent.

• Property tax (IMI) is payable annually, assessed by the local authority and might be up to 0.72 per cent of the value.

• The annual maintenance fee (a condominium) for upkeep of communal areas varies depending on services. Maintenance fees are not cheap - about £1,600 for a studio apartment, up to £3,600 for a three-bedroom villa.

• EasyJet flies to Faro from all corners of the UK and into Lisbon from Liverpool, Bristol and London. Ryanair has a limited service to Faro. British Airways operates regular flights from Heathrow. Flybe offers flights from Exeter to Faro, Jet2 from Leeds and Mytravelite from Birmingham.

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New Year renting in ALgarve

The end of 2008 is coming and now is time to plan early that special occasion.

So why not to try something different and come to Lagos in Algarve were you can enjoy several local gastronomy in restaurants with New Year special programs and then the firework in the river front of Lagos old town.

Afterwards you can relax in one of our apartments just near the event and enjoy some peace or maybe the rest of the night in a private party.

On the first morning of the New Year it is tradition to take the first sea bath of the year and what better place then the sunny blue beaches of the Algarve.

Just check some of our offers,

  1. A very nice studio apartment in a private condominium in Dona Ana, Lagos.
    This apartment has one double bed and a sofa bed in the living area, a small kitchenette and a bathroom.
    The apartment offers fantastic sea views from the terrace . With access to the superb pool and the beach of of Dona Ana.
    This excellent apartment is 15 minutes walk into the town.
  2. For details and reservation click here

  3. A spacious studio apartment situated just 5mins walk to the glorious beach of Dona Ana and, a short stroll to the historic town of Lagos with its modern marina, shops, bars and restaurants.
    This property offers a shared pool and garden area which is for the exclusive use of residents of this small private development.For details and reservation click here

  4. A lovely 2-bed apartment conveniently located a short drive from the town centre, with its modern marina, shops, bars and restaurants and the stunning beach of Meia Praia.
    This very nice ground floor apartment is in a quite area of a residential block with pleasant views to a small mature garden. On the door step is a local restaurant serving traditional dishes of the day.
    For details and reservation click here

  5. A spacious and luxuriously equipped modern 2nd floor apartment with lift in a purpose built block next to the new olympic sized swimming pool close to the marina.
    Balconies front and back so that you can enjoy relaxing in the sun (or the shade depending on the time of day!) The block is next to the new olympic swimming pool and gym, so if you're feeling energetic, fitness nirvana is but a step away. The historic old town is a 20 minute walk up the picturesque Avenida des Descobrementos alongside the harbour.
    For details and reservation click here

  6. This apartment is situated in the Lagos Marina, which offers a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants. A short walk over the footbridge and you are in the centre of the historic town of Lagos with its cobbled sidewalks and colourful market square, and which also offers a large variety of restaurants, bars, cafés, shopping and markets.
    The golden sandy beach of Meia Praia is only a 5 to 10 minute walk, where there are a variety of water sports activities available. Palmares Golf course, Boavista and Penina Golf Course are a 5 to 20 minute drive away.
    For details and reservation click here

  7. A beautiful brand new two bed apartment situated on the very popular Lagos Marina. Close to the historic town of Lagos with its colourful markets and cobbled sidewalks and the stunning beach of Meia Praia. There are many golf courses in the area, the closest being Palmares, Boavista and Penina.
    This stylish apartment has been furnished to a very high standard and the owners have put a lot of thought into its design to ensure you have a more than relaxing holiday with all your home comforts provided.
    For details and reservation click here
Justo go to our website to check a lot more offers !!

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New Water Front in Lagos, Algarve Portugal

“Work on the main Avenida in Lagos has now started and for many residents and tourists alike this will cause quite some inconvenience for the next year with the main car park closed. But bear with us!

The council have recognized for some time the popularity of the historic city and its vibrant shopping streets and been working on a solution to the parking issue.

Now work has started. The project (see website) is to last for more than 14 months and will see the creation of a large underground car park. Along the river front now in place of the old car park will be water features and park areas, to enhance the enjoyment of Lagos and provide much more space for visitors to relax and enjoy the welcome that Lagos always has on offer”.

segunda-feira, 29 de setembro de 2008

Algarve, Monchique - Longevity Wellness Resort

Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique is a new development spanning nine acres and offering superior four-star hotel amenities and services in a setting that includes gardens, walking trails and meditation areas. Nestled in the green hills of Monchique, a preserved natural reserve, with a gorgeous costal view, this is a luxurious Eco-friendly resort, with a unique Wellness approach and a truly outstanding investment opportunity.
Within the most beautiful sea and mountain range enclosures, you are sure to find the ideal setting to enjoy moments of unique and revitalizing pleasure.

A four-star plus resort made up by different apartment blocks no taller than three-storey, several infrastructure areas and a unique area covering 20,000 square meters of panoramic gardens and walking trails

Specification: All apartments are finished to the highest of standards, with heating, air-conditioning, double glazing, Cable TV, wireless internet connections.

For more details see

sexta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2008

International Algarve Fair

The weekend of September 20th and 21st is eagerly anticipated by thousands of people whoare waiting to attend ‘the greatest family party’ in the Algarve.

The organisers have planned even more attractions for the forthcoming show staged at Fatacil fairground in Lagoa, so you are bound to have a good time.

Besides visiting our stand you will find: Over 120 commercial Stands • Puff Park • Human Table Football • Garden Area • The Algarve Wine Festival • Pavilion: Home, Property & Finance • Food Arena • All Day Entertainment • Arts & Crafts Market and a great Motor Show

For more information check

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Holiday rental in Alvor, Algarve Portugal

This south facing apartment overlooking the 13th Fairway of the Alto Golf Course is located at the end of a quiet and peaceful cul-de-sac, surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens with a communal swimming pool. This comfortably furnished apartment consists of 2 bedrooms, one with two single beds and the other a double bed with en-suite bathroom and access to the terrace, there is also a separate shower room. The fully equipped kitchen overlooks the front of the property and the living/dining room with access to the terrace overlooks the swimming pool, golf and gardens. Terrace has a large built in BBQ. The living room offers a colour TV with English Satellite.

The apartment is only a 10-15 minute walk to the stunning beach of Praia do Vau and the many restaurants and bars the resort offers, whilst the picturesque fishing village of Alvor is only a 5 minute drive away.

All guests benefit from the use of all of the extensive facilities Alto Golf and Country Club have to offer, for the Golfer is the 18 hole par 72 course and for the non-golfer is the indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, gym with activity classes, tennis courts, a health and beauty centre, Bar and Restaurant “Cottons Club” and the club house which offers spectacular views and is a great place to unwind.

For more information call +351 282 789 760 or send a email for

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Windsurfing World Championships 2008

From 8 to 14 of September Portimão welcomes the Windsurfing World Championships 2008 championship, that will bring the best of this sport to Portimão.

To sponsor this great event in Portugal, is the Portimão City Hall, as main sponsor, the official sponsors being ExpoArade, EM and the Pestana Group - Hotels & Resorts. NISSAN has just joined this initiative, with the position “Official Event Automobile”

To see the program and other information’s click here

terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2008

Come and Meet Alvor in Algarve, Portugal

Alvor - History
It is believed the Carthaginians founded Alvor and its history is interesting. It is said by some that it was really the site of "Portus Hannibalis". The Romans gave it the name Ipses and it was considered an important port and was allowed to issue its own money. Its importance is confirmed by the ruins of a wealthy Roman villa located slightly inland from the present village. In the time of the Moors, who first occupied the area in 716, they gave it the named of "Albur" and the village passed through both the Portuguese and Moors hands several times until 1250 when the Christians conquered it for the final time. King Dom João II, who is regarded in history as an outstanding Portuguese king, is recorded as dying in within the town walls from a prolonged illness in 1495. Most of the original village and its castle was destroyed in the earthquakes of 1532 and 1755.

Alvor - Description
Although this ancient coastal village is now a very popular holiday location the enclosed narrow streets have kept development to a minimum. Many of these streets now boast bars with live music and different types of restaurants, however leading off from these there are still memories of the older fishing village. In the area are a number of holiday resorts from which the tourists enjoy visiting it and its attractions. The village is well located facing a natural lagoon opening onto the sea. There is a choice of a long open sandy beach or a number of small coves tucked under the cliffs. The originally 16th Century Parish Church was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755 and still has a prime example in its main doorway of the great craftsmanship of the Manueline era of architecture. It was the only building that more or less survived from the earthquake.

Alvor- Nearby Locations
Places near to Alvor are the commercial town of Portimão, the famous popular beaches of Praia da Rocha and Praia da Vau, and the semi-nature reserve of Quinta da Rocha

Alvor is 6km west of one of Portugal's oldest tourist developments: Praia da Rocha. Southwest of Portimão, beautiful sandy beaches are bordered with craggy cliffs and the whole effect is extremely picturesque. There are some fabulous views from the fort here, especially at sunset, and it is easy to see why fin-de-siècle tourists loved it so much. Today, after the Algarve's post-1960 tourist boom, both Alvor and Praia da Rocha are more 'high-rise hotel' than 'old-world villa' in style, but the views remain equally as magnificent.

The area around the church and Praça da República have managed to hang on to their charm and character, and the fishing boats in the harbour, which has several good fish restaurants, add to the area's allure. If you walk up to the castle there is a playground amid the ruins to amuse the children and thirteenth-century relics to amuse their parents.
The main street for bars and restaurants is Rua Dr Frederico Romas Mendes, which in turn leads down to Largo da Ribeiro by the river with its own fish market and restaurants. The restaurants on the riverside square serve up excellent grilled fish and you really feel you are getting a taste of local culinary specialties. There is also a modern sculpture of a fish in the square to continue the fishy theme. You can enjoy the fine weather on the restaurant terraces that overlook the river with its colorful fishing boats, and then stroll up the path by the estuary after lunch, or in the other direction towards the Praia de Alvor. It is a gargantuan beach with little to recommend it other than sea, sand and the fact that it is less crowded than some of its neighbors

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quinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2008

Portugal Algarve - Silves Medieval Fair

From 9 to 17 of August Silves it is the stage of the famous Medieval Fair

On this days the story of XI, XII and XII centuries will be told since it was the time of culture meetings between Muslins, Christians and Jews.

It will have parades, tournaments, music groups, dancers, theaters, taverns and hundreds of stands with different foods and sweets of the period.

The streets and historical center will also win a new color and decoration to recreate the time period.

For more information and program download click here

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Holiday rental in Burgau, Algarve Portugal

This is a brand new two bedroom apartment in the new development of Domus Iberica, in Burgau. It has been very tastefully and comfortably furnished and offers a small but compact and totally equiped kitchenette area with a microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, oven, and all the other home comforts you'd like to expect . This kitchennette is open plan and looks out into into the living room area and also has stools round the breakfats bar, should you wish to sit and eat there.

The living room is warm and inviting and has 2 sofa beds; one suitable for two small children and the other capabale of sleeping 2 adults. There is a TV with a DVD player and some satellite channels. It also has access to the good size terrace which has a large table and chairs so you can sit and watch the world go by, as well as eat and drink al fresco, while catching a glimpse of the Atlantico sea at the end of the street. There is also a built in BBQ.

There are 2 bedrooms, both with access to the terrace; one with a double bed and and a bathroom ensuite complete with a jacuzzi bath; and the other bedroom has 2 single beds and has use of another complete bathroom. The bathrooms have underfloor heating and the bedrooms and living room have air conditioning with hot or cold air, so this apartment is also ideal for a winter break.

The apartment is situated a short walk away from the shared pool which boasts a large grassy area with a sea view, and a restaurant. There is also a gym and spa which are available to guests. You can while away the hours by the pool or sit in the large jacuzzi spa bath looking out across the Atlantico, or those more conscious people, can pound the treadmills in the gym.

The centre of the small fishing village of Burgau is a short walk away and it is definitely worth a wander through the narrow cobbled streets where there are plenty of restaurants and bars and small commerce to keep you busy. The beach is also only a 5 minute walk down through the streets of Burgau. Praia da Luz is also only a short drive away.

For more information call +351 282 789 760 or send a email for

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Portugal, Algarve two months full of activities in Lagos

On July and August will pass through Lagos musicians like Fernando Tordo, Cristina Branco, Xutos e Pontapés, Marco Paulo, Luís Represas, among others. In the area of dancing the mains artists are from National Company of Dancing and Flamengo Festival.

On the weekend of 19 and 20 of July you will be able to see the dog show and water trials from the Portuguese Water Dog.

Also in the month of July at 24 to 27 of July will occur the XXII Feira Concurso Arte Doce, where beside the typical gastronomy you will be able to see music, canine demonstrations, among other events.

On the several beaches of blue flags there will be also activities for the children.

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Portugal's Luxury Residential Tourism Market on the High

The average price of luxury developments in Portugal continues to increase with the highest values in the Algarve. This is one of the main conclusions of the study "Portugal-The Luxury Residential Tourism Market 2008". In the segment of residential luxury tourism the average price growth was of 18% in the apartments and about 19% in the Villas. In Condominiums with an integrated infrastructure management the average price increase was of 21% in the apartments and around 12,5% in the Villas. The luxury segment is pointed as a market niche, little explored and more stimulated in the last 3/4 years, being less vulnerable than the remaining real estate market.

This study was elaborated by IRG and Prime Yield and considered the analysis of 10 residential developments, 13 condominium developments and 4,200 individual units, during the year of 2007.

Luxury property for sale in Algarve, Portugal

For more information on this property just check our website.

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Apartment with shared pool in Silves, Algarve Portugal

Situated in Silves, next to the new link road through Armação is Condominio Atlântida. Made up of a variety of 1 bed apartments with pool and parking.

Kitchen equipped with oven, hob, extractor, dishwasher, fridge and washing machine. Great location for rentals.

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Come and meet Armação de Pêra in Algarve Portugal

The town, not long ago just a collection of small shacks for fishing boats for the local residents of Pera, is nowadays composed of large blocks of holiday apartments with many bars and restaurants on the ground floor. In the summer months the town overflows with tourists, but for the rest of the year it is a peaceful holiday location.

The tourist popularity is due to one of the finest and largest sand beaches at the Algarve. Close to the eastern side of the town are a number of fish restaurants serving excellent fresh fish and seafood. The adjacent area is now happily protected against any further development. And the nearby rural village of Pera is a gentle reminder of the unspoiled sleepy Algarve.

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